100% Grass Fed Steaks

Our grass fed beef steaks are dry-aged (just like the steaks served in specialty steakhouses). 100% grass fed, humane, and free-range.

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Beef - Fajita Steak
Our stir-fry fajita steak is cut in generously sized strips from the short plate subprimal. Plate meat is higher in connective tissue but packed with flavor.
Beef - Sirloin Tip Steak
The Sirloin Tip Steak, also called Tri-Tip Steak, is a lean, tender steak cut from from the Round.
Beef - New York Strip Steak
The New York Strip Steak, also known as Kansas City Strip, Manhattan Strip, or Shell Steak, is a widely popular cut – and for good reason. This fine-grained cut from the loin region is full-flavored, tender, and lean.
Beef - Rib Eye
As the name suggests, this cut comes from the rib section. Ribeyes are juicy and tender with rich flavor and generous marbling.
Beef - Top Sirloin
A cut of the most tender part of the Sirloin, Top Sirloin is a popular cut for its big flavor and reletively low fat content.
Beef - Filet Mignon
The most tender (and therefore prized) cut of steak, the Filet Mignon (also known as Tenderloin) has a buttery texture and compact shape.
Beef - Porterhouse Steaks
The mouthwatering Porterhouse is prized as one of the highest-quality steaks because it combines two high-quality, tender cuts: the top loin (strip) and the tenderloin. While it is cut from the same area as the T-Bone Steak, a more generous portion of tenderloin sets the Porterhouse apart.
Beef - Top Round Steak
This cut is an excellent choice for those seeking lean, economical steak. It comes from the well-exercised round region, giving it a low fat content, but it requires a moist cooking method for tenderness.
Beef - T-Bone Steaks
Nothing quite says "steak" like a T-Bone. This tender, juicy cut from the short loin is nicely marbled for superb flavor. The T-Bone includes two premium steaks in one: the strip steak and the tenderloin. We hope you're hungry!
Beef - Flat Iron Steak
Flat iron steak is a reletively new (and popular) cut from the chuck (shoulder) region. Don't let the economical price fool you - this steak is richly flavorful and tender when cooked properly.
Beef - Flank Steak
This steak from the Flank region is one of the most economical cuts available. Because it's from a well-exercised region, it can be firm in texture, making it ideal for London Broil, Fajitas, and Stir-Fry.
Beef - Hanger Steak
This cut is known as a Flat Steak and comes from the underside of the beef cow. The Hanger Steak's rich flavor and grainy texture makes it ideal for fajitas and stir fry, or dishes that call for marinating and wet heat.
Beef - Skirt Steak
This flavorful cut is rarely found in a supermarket because there are only two of them on each beef cow. Its texture is similar to that of a Flank Steak, so proper preparation is key for a tender result.
Beef - Bottom Round Steak
Also known as Swiss Steak, the Bottom Round Steak is a cost-effective alternative to the Top Round.
Beef - Eye of Round Steak
Eye of Round Steak, also known as Round Steak, comes from the hind region of the beef cow. It is well-exercised, which makes it a cost-effective cut for tender braised steak recipes.
Beef - Cube Steak
Cube Steak, also known as Minute Steak, is a cut of beef from the top round or sirloin. Its characteristic "cube" markings are from a special tenderizing method, which makes the steaks ideal for quick cooking - country fried steak, anyone?
Beef - Family Steak Sampler
Beef - Delmonico Steak (Bone-In Rib Eye)
A bone-in or boneless cut from the rib section of the cow, the Delmonico Steak is a true delicacy. The Delmonico marries the tenderness of a filet with the moisture of the tougher, more marbled cuts. This cut is also sometimes called the New York Strip steak.